2015 IBC Egress & 2015 IBC Special Use & Occupancy

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 8:00am to Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 4:00pm

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Day 1: 2015 IBC Egress

This workshop addresses numerous provisions in the 2015 International Building Code® (IBC®) where the code contains requirements pertaining to establishing a means of egress in buildings. Readers will be presented with specific problems related to means of egress and will be asked to solve each case study. The course is intended to help plan reviewer or building code officials responsible for plan review identify  hose areas where plan review will include compliance with the IBC. During this training, participants will be listening to lecture and viewing examples, as well as discussing sections of the IBC that pertain to plan review of a commercial building. They will participate in activities that involve a set of plans.

Day 2: 2015 Special Use & Occupancy

This course provides an overview of the 2015 IBC Chapter 4 provisions and the application of the code requirements for various uses and occupancies that are addressed in Chapter 4 including: requirements for buildings and conditions that apply to one or more occupancy groups, such as high-rise buildings, underground buildings and atriums; specific areas and operations, including hazardous materials, application of flammable finishes, drying rooms, organic coatings, combustible storage and hydrogen cutoff rooms; special use areas, such as covered mall buildings, motor-vehicle-related occupancies, special amusement  buildings and aircraft-related occupancies; special facilities within other occupancies, such as stages and platforms, motion picture projection rooms and storm shelters; and unique considerations for Groups H, I and R, as well as ambulatory care facilities and live/work units. This seminar will use drawings and examples to illustrate complex design and inspection topics. Activities will further enhance the learner’s experience in applying the code and using the tables within Chapter 4.

**Jay Woodward with ICC will be the instructor. **

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