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Step-by-Step guide to ICC ES Reports

Below is a link to a video that helps to explain elements of and the use of ICC ES reports. Please share with your Chapter members. ICC ES Reports are embedded in the Ecodes Premium electronic codes.

ICC and NASFM offer Crowd Manager Training. A new training program endorsed by and available through ICC at Public Assemblages and Events: IFC Section 403.3 requires trained crowd managers for facilities and events such as theaters, ballrooms, stadiums, arenas, and fairs where more than 1,000 persons congregate.


2020 Code Amendment Summary

2020 adopted code changes

  • 2015 I-Codes NFIP provisions
  • 2018 IECC Summary 1-17-2020
  • 2018 IRC Summary 1-17-2020
  • 2018 IBC Summary 1-17-2020
  • 2018 IEBC Summary 1-17-2020
  • State Building Code Rules 2020
    Note: The State Building Code Rules concerning amendments to the International Residential Code erroneously refers to the wrong Table reference in the following section. It refers to Table 403 and should refer to Table 403.4. See correct language below:
    q. Delete Tables R403 403.4 Minimum Depth (D) and Width (W) of Crushed Stone Footings (inches), R403.1(1) Minimum Width and Thickness for Concrete Footings for Light-Frame Construction (inches), R403.1(2) Minimum Width and Thickness for Concrete Footings for Light-Frame Construction and Brick Veneer (inches), and R403.1(3) Minimum Width and Thickness for Concrete Footings with Cast-In-Place or Fully Grouted Masonry Wall Construction (inches). (3-20-20)T

Note: State building code amendment in the 2018 International Building Code where the IDAPA renumbering affected what we talked about:

Section 3113.1, Relocatable Buildings, General
3113.1 General. The provisions of this Section shall apply to relocatable buildings. Relocatable buildings manufactured after the effective date of this code shall comply with the applicable provisions of this code; Title 39, Chapter 43, of Idaho Code; and IDAPA 24.39.31.
Exception: This section shall not apply to manufactured housing used as dwellings.


Idaho Code 39-4109 permits cities to adopt and amend the Building Codes that have been adopted by the Idaho Building Code Board.  If your city would like to make amendments to the Building Code that was adopted then you must provide notice to a list of organizations provided in Idaho Code 39-4109 (5). 

Contact list to meet the requirement of Idaho Code 39-4109 (5):

Sample Ordinances and Public hearing Notices for 2009 Code Update 

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