Idaho Association of Building Officials


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Jurisdiction Scholarship Application Government Member
As an incentive to help bring new membership into local chapters and the IDABO Chapter any new jurisdiction (up to three per chapter) may apply for a first year Scholarship for free membership with IDABO and also get a the first year membership free into the local chapter. Click here to access the form.

The first employee must pay a Government rate (for government employees) or a Corporate/Professional membership for all others. All members are also REQUIRED to pay chapter membership dues unless you are outside the state of Idaho. After the first full price paid member, additional employees may join at the Individual rate for IDABO AND their local chapter. Permit Tech dues do not include chapter dues, if a Permit Tech would like to join the local chapter they must pay Individual chapter dues. Subscribing membership dues do NOT include the training price breaks or a vote in association matters.

Idaho Association of Building Officials
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