Issue – Last week Representative Joe Palmer, at the request of the Idaho Building Contractors Association (IBCA), has introduced draft legislation that would amend the building codes laws to remove the ability for cities and counties to make local amendments to all building codes.  This will remove local control over codes and will not allow local residents to approach their city council or county commissioners with local changes to the building codes. Click here for draft legislation of House Bill 547

Talking Points – See this link for Talking Points. They have been divided into areas of discussion addressing several issues with this legislation including:

  • Local Control Issues
  • The Technical Need for Local Amendments
  • State Building Code Process
  • State Building Code
  • Local Jurisdictions
  • Support from Public and other Organizations
  • Reasons for Regular Updates of Building Codes

HistorySee this link for a Recent History of Codes

Bill Language Issues - See this link for Bill Language Issues

Testimony on the Original Legislation


Petition – If you would like to sign a petition opposing this legislation, please click here!

Media Options – We will be sending out media options for your use in a few days.  These can include talking to your local media or a letter to the editor.  Look for them!

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Attend the Hearings and Give Testimony – We will be sending emails on committee hearings.

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes early.  You will sign in at the door.  If you want to testify, indicate that on the sign-in sheet. You will go to the podium when your name is called.  

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