Code Updates

Idaho Code 39-4109 permits cities to adopt and amend the Building Codes that have been adopted by the Idaho Building Code Board.  If your city would like to make amendments to the Building Code that was adopted then you must provide notice to a list of organizations provided in Idaho Code 39-4109 (5). 

Below is the updated contact list to meet the requirement of Idaho Code 39-4109 (5).

2018 Code Update

Final 2016 Idaho Rule Changes to Building Codes

ICC 2015 Codes

2015 I Code Benefits and Highlights

2014 Code Update

Watch a video from the Association of Idaho Cities attorney on her interpretation of the new law governing the adoption of the building codes. Adopting the 2009 Building Codes by Nancy Stricklin, AIC Attorney.

Sample Ordinances and Public hearing Notices for 2009 Code Update 
Notice of Public Hearing 
Model Ordinance

Title 39 – New Changes to the State Law

2009 Code Adoption Procedures Memo to Members

Idaho Amendments to the International Building and Energy Codes 2009 (PDF)

2009 Code Change Positions (PDF)

Rack Card (PDF)

2012 proposed code changes

AIC Building Code Update  V2 6-19-13

Guidance For Adopting Codes - legal memo  7-19-13


2012 Code Amendment

IECC 2012 Amendments

IRC 2012 Code amendments

2012 IECC Code Amendments – Residential Provisions

IBCA 2012 International Residential Code Questions